Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tea & Coffee Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is a coffee known for it's fruity flavors and floral aromas. This particular Ethiopian Yirgacheffee from The Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Co has a very sweet, fruity aroma. I could smell these coffee beans all day. It is important not to over-brew this coffee. The fruity flavors can be lost as a result of over-brewing. 

To start, I made a pour-over with the beans. For this I ground 2 Tbs. I poured only a little water over the grounds to begin, letting them bloom for a minute. I then poured the rest of my water, letting the coffee brew for a few minutes. The pour-over tasted great! It is a very citrusy, acidic brew. Despite the acidic flavors, it leaves no un-pleasant after-taste. It is full-bodied and fresh. 

Though this coffee isn't thought of as the best option for espresso, I decided to make a latte. I used a hint of maple syrup in my latte and absolutely loved it. The coffee is just strong enough to cut through the milk and maple syrup. It isn't the best for latte art since it isn't as dark as most espresso beans. Despite this, the flavor is on point. 

Overall, this is a great coffee! Fresh and flavorful. I plan on making some iced coffee with it next. 

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